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Overview – Australian Culture & Brief History


Australian is multicultural and multiracial and this is reflected in the country’s food, lifestyle and cultural practices and experience. Australia has an important heritage from its indigenous people, which plays a defining role in the cultural landscape. This diversity of influences creates a cultural environment in Australia.


As of December 2014, Australia’s population is roughly 23.6 million people. The most populous states are New South Wales and Victoria, with their respective capitals, Sydney and Melbourne, the largest cities in Australia. Australia’s population is concentrated along the coastal region of Australia from

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Scholarships in Australia

There are many scholarships options available for international students in Australia that can help you fulfil your study in Australia aspiration into a reality. These scholarships are offered by education institutions, public and private organisations and even by the Australian Government. This support could cover either the tuition fee or accommodation/living expense or both depending on the offer. International Student are considered to be those who are not Australian & New Zealand citizens, or permanent Australian residents.

Some options are mentioned below:

Australia Awards – The Australia Awards aim to promote knowledge,

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100 Point of Identification

There is a requirement that a 100 Point Identification Check is required before enrolment to any course for onshore students. To complete a 100 Point Identification Check all applicants will need to present original documentation to the value of 100 points.

All identifications must show the applicant’s full first and last names. Acceptable formats for an individual whose name is Shaun John Smith are: – Shaun John Smith, Shaun Smith and Shaun J Smith.

Combined, these documents should show evidence of:

Your full name
Date of birth
Current residential address
Your signature
A photo of yourself

Proof of Indentity Documents:



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RPL Qualification from our one of our Partners (对先前学习的认可)

The pathway allows working professionals to get qualified in their working trade. No Study just assesment of skills, knowledge and experience. Quick and efficient way of getting an Australian Qualification. View this Chinese video from one of our partners – AIBT Australia.


 style=”color: #000000;”>(This is an automated translation done using Google Translation, request you to bear with us in case of any errors. Central message is covered in the video



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