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Upskill World Pty Ltd is a knowledge sharing and upskill solutions provider, that helps enrich and influence lives of students, working professionals, and businesses. Founded with a vision to help people fulfill the career goals and make a notable difference in their lives. From education, training, coaching to business support services for B2B and B2C markets, Upskill World is a one-stop of reliable, prompt and trustworthy solutions.

Upskill World team is passionate to create a niche in the business by building an exceptional and reliable relationship with the community. In the past two years, the business has supported numerous professionals and students in their journey in Australian and have had an opportunity to witness larger societal challenges.

While the business, in essence, operates with commercial targets, at Upskill World the team respects the human aspect of the business. Strengthen by the support of our business partners Upskill World is committed to facilitating community in adjusting to the new life and culture in Australia.

Our Proposition
Job Opportunity –UPSKILL:JO:171806
One of the biggest challenges faced by most new members of a community is to find a job at a fair market rate. As the industry, culture and market demands in Australia are quite unique, the process of finding a job and balancing personal requirements may feel exposed to a spell of exploitation.
Upskill World will partner with employers who are willing to extend their support and offer casual employment at a standard market rate* for a minimum period of time to give you an opportunity to find your stride without the financial pressure.

Family Support – UPSKILL: FS:171806
This offer is primarily for new members with a young family who have an added pressure of ensuring the safety of their young children in addition to the shared pressure of finding relevant qualifications and job opportunities. Upskill World partners with licensed family care providers and together would offer support for a minimum period of time providing members the much-needed peace of mind to focus on other demanding aspects.

Application Process:
We recommend identifying the process through which people can apply and avail benefits. Please contact us at with your details and we will contact you.


  1. All the offers are limited to Brisbane area until announced otherwise.
  2. The applications will be reviewed and processed by the team at Upskill World at their discretion.
  3. The Touch project will be reviewed every quarter and each quarter will require fresh applications.
  4. An applicant can avail the benefit of a scheme for a maximum of one quarter.
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