Australian Slangs – People

Australian Slangs – People


  • Mate – Anybody at all, typically used only to refer to men, used as an informal address for strangers (“G’day, mate”), as a name placeholder for friends, and as a term for friends in general (“Invite your mates around”).
  • Love – Similar to ‘mate’ but used for women. Or from a woman to male. Depending on context can ether be + or – eg, “Now listen here love” “what shall it be love” “want a drink love”
  • Drongo – Light-hearted insult, silly or dim-witted
  • Aussie – Australian – pronounced Ozzy
  • Relo/Rellies – Relative, as in member of the family.
  • Ankle biter : small child
  • Bogan – ‘White/Black trash’, a vulgar and uncouth¬†person.
  • Brickie – Bricklayer.
  • Sparkie – Electrician.
  • Chippie – Carpenter.
  • Bikie – Member of a motorbike gang; biker for motorcyclists in general
  • Cockie – Farmer. Generally who has a large land hold.
  • Dag – Nerd, unfashionable person, goof light-hearted friendly insult.
  • Figjam – Proud and boastful person, abbreviated form of ‘fuck I’m good, just ask me’.
  • Battler – Working family member. Someone who never seems to catch a break but always try’s that little harder than most every step forwards sees them two steps back.
  • Smackie – Smackhead, as in, a heroin addict.
  • Ocker – A crude, uncultured Aussie.
  • Banana Benders – Queenslanders
  • Sheep Shagger – A New Zealander
  • Sandgropers – Western Australians
  • Mexicans – Anyone from the next state south (not often used) Is used by people that live in New South Wales/Queensland when referring to someone that lives in Victoria/New South Wales.
  • Yank – An American
  • Kiwi – A New Zealander
  • Pom/Pommy – An Englishman (Is an insult if used by anyone but an Aussie). Prisoner Of Mother England.
  • Scabber – Someone who scabs
  • Bluey, Ranga(derived from Orangutan) – Person with red hair.
  • Bushie – Someone from a rural area, whom generally lives off/with the land eating what they catch, raise, grow gather & utilise all around them in a innovative manor like hanging the exhaust up with a coat hanger or posting a shed or shack with trees.
  • Digger – Soldier.
  • Clown – A fool.
  • Peanut – A fool.
  • Cobber – friend, mate.

Eating and Drinking:

  • Grab a feed – Get something to eat
  • Nosebag – Takeaway from a restaurant
  • Bludge – To be lazy, especially when there is specific work to be done
  • Grog – alcoholic drink, likely beer
  • Plonk – Cheap low-quality wine
  • Goon – Plonk in a cask
  • Tucker – Food


  • Bugger – Damn – a common expression of disappointment, not offensive to most.
  • Drongo – an idiot or a fool (a type of bird)
  • Bloody bastard – someone you can’t stand
  • Wanker – Someone who is full of themselves, a dislikeable person, a dickhead
  • Knob – A cocky fool
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