About Us

Registered with ACN, a young energetic and ambitious start-up founded with a vision to become a one-stop education and training solutions provider for individual, businesses and for migration industry. We want to be remembered as a professional, responsible and reliable company that goes out of the way to delivers high quality, prompt and trustworthy solutions in the space every time.


Upskill World Pty Ltd is a knowledge sharing and upskill solutions provider, that helps enrich and influence lives of students, working professionals and businesses. Our solutions are addresses upskill needs and focuses on empowering Australian workforce and making them more valuable and qualified by upskilling them with qualifications they deserve. We partner with many reputable RTO’s, Trainers and online education providers across Australia to offer qualifications in the area of their interest and expertise.

These qualifications whether through a regular study, online or through assessment of their skills and experience, help people qualify in diverse industries and across many qualifications.

We are founded with a vision to help people fulfill the career goals and make a notable difference in their lives. From education, training, coaching to business support services for B2B and B2C markets, we do it all…

Education for one, who does not know and for someone who knows it well enough. Upskill World helps students and working professionals, whether self-employed or employed by a business, with relevant trade qualifications. Using available pathways students can help achieve and fulfil their dream of an Australia qualification.

Identifying that each one of us has a different need and aspirations, the idea is to deliver qualification from our partner RTO’s with a robust application process and a money back guarantee, if we cannot help.

Trusted by students, partners and advisors

 Our values demonstrate our commitment

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