Gap Training

The assessment process could result in getting a full credit of the course units by mapping the relevant experience and skills evidences. In case the evidences submitted result in getting a partial credit of the course units, then the remaining units could be completed through “Gap Training”. Usually is about one-third of the competencies of the trade qualification, this is a way of filling in the relevant gaps within your knowledge, skills and experiences.

The Assessor of the qualification will recommend the competencies for which this training is required, which could be completed through case studies, Q and A activities, projects and assignments. Once Gap Training has been completed successfully your qualification will be certified. If for some reason skills you are unable to successfully complete the Gap Training within the agreed time frame, then a Statement of Attainment will be issued for the units you have completed.

Upskill World Australia

  • Training for missing units not verified through evidences.
  • Recommended to fill in the gaps within the work history, depending upon gap percentage.
  • May be completed face-to-face or online as a self-paced process.
  • The tools and resources for Gap Training will relate directly to the unit/s which is/are outstanding.

Additional charges may apply for Gap Training. Not all RTO can provide Gap Training.

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