Prior Learning Qualifications

  • Do you have experience in your trade in Australia or Overseas?
  • Do you have work rights in Australia (Full time/Part time)?
  • Do you want a formal qualification just based on your experience and without having to study?

If your answer is YES, then we have a qualification for your skills in your trade#. Get formal recognition of your experience through nationally recognised qualification in quickest time*.

Getting qualified through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an opportunity to get qualified based on your skills, advance your career, and save time and money by doing this. Become qualified in your professional through RPL, best way to get qualified without having to study just based on your experience.


  • # More than 60 Qualifications through partner RTO in about 20 areas.
  • *Processing time could be anytime between 3 weeks to 6 months depending on the qualification and trade.

Our list of comprehensive qualifications is coming up. Please check back in some time.

Once you have decided, the process is easy and quick. This is the process outline.

  • Choose & Apply

  • Produce Evidences

  • Invoice

  • Get Qualified

Find your next qualification

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